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Cash Management

Cash Management from Golden Eagle Community Bank offers our business customers the ability to easily view a snapshot of their account including current balance, available balance, pending cash management transactions, and the current day's memo posted transactions.

Business customers can easily request wire transfers through Golden Eagle Community Bank's Cash Management system. This saves time and is easier to track requests as they are all in an online repository.

Businesses can build payroll files online or import existing files into Cash Management to be processed by Golden Eagle Community Bank. Payroll files can be setup as one-time payments or recurring with varying frequency.

Cash concentration and disbursement can be conducted through Cash Management. This easily enables our business customers to move money from one bank to another.

The ability for business customers to generate ACH payment and ACH receipt files is also available with Cash Management. This allows customers to make their mortgage payments or collect monthly membership dues from one of their customers.

Businesses utilizing Cash Management have the ability to set various user parameters on their end of the cash management system. For example, they can set up dual control where one person initiates the transaction and a second person must approve it before it can be processed.